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Chuggy Bear’s Best Date Night 2012!

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Food

La Cucina Ristorante Italiana!

la cucina menu

Chef Don Truong, formerly of Mediterraneo, is now the chef/owner of this tiny new restaurant in the Imperial Plaza on Kapiolani and Cooke. A practically 2 person operation, this restaurant is making waves in the local Italian food community.

la cucina chef don

La Cucina takes reservations for parties of 4 of more (four is the BEST number, double date, share each dish as it comes out). I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the BYOB (one bottle of wine per person is a good ratio, with only two staff, dishes come when they come). The timing of each dish gives the table quality time to share, laugh, and drink. Surround yourself with people you absolutely love and enjoy their company. Wind down after a long week, celebrate a birthday, stop and smell the roses (and truffle oil).

Fresh pasta made daily.

Fresh Bread and Oil

la cucina bread and oil


la cucina antipasti

Mushroom Crostini – Fresh mozzarella, truffle oil, fragrant!

la cucina crostini

Homemade Italian Sausage – hearty and spicy!

la cucina sausage and shrimp

Trenette Norcina – Spicy homemade sausage with ruffled edge trenette pasta. My favorite pasta dish!

la cucina trenette norcina

Carbonara Roman Style – Light, savory, delicious!

la cucina carbonara

Bolognese – Rich and creamy.

la cucina bolognese

Osso Bucco – Meaty, tender, served over risotto. Great dish to share!

la cucina osso bucco

Seafood Risotto – also comes in mushroom and norcina form. Each different, tasty, delicious. Each takes on a different flavor profile and pick the appropriate one for the heaviness you want.

la cucina saffron risotto

Lobster Ravioli – always a huge hit, squid ink pasta, lobster including the claw, excellent sauce, worthy of bread moppage.

la cucina lobster ravioli

Lamb Lollipops – Excellent sauce, dip, drench, soak to your heart’s content.

la cucina lamb

@Melissa808 and a Creme Brulee Cheesecake – love the shell from the brulee, decadent cheesecake.

la cucina cheesecake and melissa808

Heaven on a plate – Tiramisu. Painstakingly crafted, I could eat a sheet, easily. I even inquired about purchasing a sheet. Life-changing. I order this as takeout some days. It’s THAT GOOD.

la cucina tiramisu


(Grappa – rocket fuel)

la cucina grappa

La Cucina Ristorante Italiana
Imperial Plaza
725 Kapiolani Boulevard