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Aloha Beer!

aloha beer

Local brews have always been a small operation in the past that had mixed results but retained decent market penetration. 2012 was the year of Aloha Beer. Making numerous appearances during the company’s infancy proved to be an important decision in getting the word out that there was a new brewery in town!

Aloha Beer currently offers:

Blonde- Light and cool, this is a beer drinkers go-to brew.

aloha beer hot blonde

Lager- currently bottled and in stores nationwide.
Dark- not heavy at all, has a nice nutty, roasted flavor.
IPA- Hoppy like most IPAs.
Red- My favorite, delicious and crisp. Good beer with dinner or to start off a weekend!

aloha beer red tower

There are also seasonal brews that make an appearance at the restaurant!

Aloha Beer
580 North Nimitz Highway
Monday-Thursday 3pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday 3pm-11pm
Sunday – Closed