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Spotlight: Chinatown [Lucky Belly]

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Food, Yelp
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Rucky Berry may be the turning point of the Chinatown of old and the new, fresh C-Town.

Located on the corner of Smith and Hotel, this new restaurant brings an urban and industrial feel to Nu-Chinatown. Walking inside you see the dark interior with earthy wooden tones. I really like the feel in here, very clean, sleek, sexy.

The food is fantastic, refined, nice presentations, good portions on the entrees.

Shrimp Gyoza- small portion for $7, three pieces. Good flavor, there is actually shrimp in here unlike the minced stuff you get elsewhere.

Pork Belly Bao- three pieces (we had 4 people so we got an extra) $7. Pretty darn good! Bun was nice and warm, good flavor in the pork and toppings, great hoisin!

Chicken Karaage Sandwich- a staple on the menu! Tasty, filling, fresh!

Belly Bowl! Meaty, delicious, manly. The soft boiled egg is such a nice touch!

Kochujang Braised Brisket Tartine! Thomas O. had to inform me that Tartine is an open-faced type sandwich and not a planet from Star Wars. This is my favorite dish. Hearty, well-seasoned, tender, brisket, huge portion.

They got a full-service bar, so when the most interesting yelper in the world dines here, you get classy pictures like this.

Stay classy my friends.