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photoThis is my first installment of “world’s worst photographer” posts chronicling the failures (and occasional successes) in my quest to become better at taking pictures. I have no photo-taking background and have never taken a photography class/watched a Youtube tutorial/owned a DSRL.

Much like Ash Ketchum aspires to one day become a Pokemon master, I am hoping to be a less shitty photographer.

A couple of months ago I invested in a Canon Rebel t5i entry level DSLR in hopes of taking more captivating and clear pictures. Since going full-time as a food eater/writer, I figure I may as well put my best foot forward and produce some quality photos of the dishes I am eating instead of the dark, grainy stuff that looks like Martha Stewart is taking food photos in complete darkness.

Current setup:
Canon Rebel t5i DSLR (Costco kit ~$900)
Canon Speedlite 430EX II (~$249)

Old setups:
Crappy flip phone (pre-neolithic camera technology)
Less crappy flip phone (neolithic camera technology)
Google G1 (first smartphone, sucky photos)
TMobile MyTouch 4G (sucky for photos)
Canon Powershot A4000 IS (this point-and-shoot sucked, don’t get it)
Samsung Galaxy S5 (actually takes decent photos, better than the Powershot)

(Thank you Julie for taking a photo of me taking photos of food)