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K’s Bento-Ya!

Do you remember the foods that would create a frenzy in grade school when someone brought it for field trip lunch?

No, I’m not talking about Raven’s Revenge (the tart and colorful candy packed into vials)

Or Snack Pack pudding cups.

I am talking about Yan Yans:

And Hello Panda.

Kids would trade pretty much anything for these awesome snacks. But there was one trump card that would beat Yan Yan and Hello Panda. K’s Bento.

Growing up in Waipahu, you have very different food experiences than someone from the Windward side or downtown. I loved field trips because I knew chances are a K’s bento would be in my backpack for lunch! (Sometimes it was vienna sausage and rice, which although pretty plain and boring, it literally took 30 seconds to pack in the morning)

At $6 for a small bento, (pictured) you can’t really go wrong. With three large pieces of fried chicken, egg omelette, mini hash patty, hot dog, sushi rice, maki sushi, and a musubi, this is pretty much the best six bucks ever spent. I don’t even know what’s in the large bento since I’ve never ordered it (Ok, so I looked it up. Everything in the small plus a cone sushi, luncheon meat, and fried shrimp).

They open at some crazy time in the morning much like Kam Bakery (3AM probably) and stay open till they sell out (most days before noon). This little mom and pop shop has been around for DECADES as my parent reminisce of the times they walked to K’s for bentos when they were children. The awesome, hard-working grandmas and grandpas who work there really do a fantastic job! Get there early, bring cash, (ca$h only) and rock the best field trip food in the world!

(Be sure to tip! They are so grateful!)

K’s Bento-Ya
94-164 Awalau St. Waipahu
Closed Sunday/Monday, 3AM-sold out